Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Old Maid

As if having a co-worker strongly suggest that the only way I'll find love is to sign up for Christiansingles.com (since I'm not willing to compromise on the whole 'three months of dating bliss and were living together thing') wasn't enough to make me begin questioning my life choices, I was graced with this conversation at my nanny job today:

While starting the game LIFE (which is entirely too long and complicated even for myself, so why a 5 yr old wanted to play I'll never know) we reached the ever famous 10th square where you get your spouse. In the game of LIFE marriage is guaranteed, one can't move on without it (don't some of us wish real life was like that). Anyway, I rolled severrrral one's in a row and I was clearly behind in LIFE because I still had yet to get husband (in the game and in reality).

Finally the 8 yr old has a little mercy on me and says, "just let Emily move up and have her husband, it's boring when she's this far behind."

To which the 5 yr old promptly responds, "No. Emily will never get married." I'm taken aback because by his tone he has stopped talking about the game and is now talking about reality.

As I wait for him to explain himself, and something cute/redeeming like "She can't get married because I love her too much and I want her to babysit us forever."

 He actually says, "She's waaaay to weird to get married."


Dear Mom and Dad,

Don't bother saving for a nice cushy retirement home. Just pay for me to get my Home Nursing Aide Certification and I'll be available for the next 50-60 years.


Your prude of a daughter


  1. Just had to comment, this post is awesome! Glad someone else feels that they are destined to be an old maid haha

  2. omg i am so glad you are writing. you are waaay funnier than your sister! ;)

  3. So long as you commit to 60 years....I'm all in! :-)

  4. So long as you commit to 60 years....I'm all in! :-)

  5. Glad you have a great sense of humor! Ya gottit from your ma!

  6. I love your blog! Very funny, indeed.

    And I have to say, I fully commiserate with the old maid thing. I think it's my lot in life. :)