Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just a few nuggets of wisdom I've picked up in the last few weeks on how to survive working in a "secular restaurant" as a Catholic girl:

1. When told by a co-worker they blacked out from drinking last night, don't try to relate it to the time you fell off your horse, got a concussion and blacked out "just like them." They won't understand the correlation. It might however lead to a conversation about "drinking to the point of hilarity" and you know I never leave the house without a good Aquinas quote in tow.

2. When asked if you're "into voodoo" after someone sees you making the sign of the cross before eating, try not to spit food on them from laughing so hard.

Lastly, in all seriousness.
3. Don't be afraid to tell someone you're Catholic. Sure the first words out of their mouth might literally be, "Oh, you're the statue worshiper type huh?" but taken with a little class and a sense of humor you might be able to fight that stereo-type and give someone a little food for thought after you school them on the teaching of intercession AND confession all in one go with this little verse.

Badabingbadaboom. They think I'm a little crazy...but the craziest thing of all is that I totally agree with them.


  1. Great "all-purpose" Scripture quote!

  2. hahah omg i am laughing out loud over number 1.